I get it.

Most of my social media feeds are full of kindness. Really, y’all are a sweet bunch of voting, do-gooding, funny, and freethinking protectors of the planet and champions of the less privileged. Some get gussied up for countless events requiring large donations to noble causes; others give your time to help an elderly neighbor, staff the local food pantry, create art, and redesign all of our public spaces to be accessible and fun for everyone. A disturbing number of you have a near pathological savior complex for condemned animals and strays. And my how progressive we’ve all become! Two years ago I attended my first gay wedding with a boatload of Republicans shedding happy tears of love and support. Locally, my affluent town has voted to pay higher taxes to fund programs to bolster our vulnerable citizens. And 97% of you didn’t balk–even cheered– when our most iconic Olympic athlete transformed from the man we grew up with into the woman she was all along.

Most of you.

Some of you “will still call him Bruce,” or feel squeamish, or will compare him to a delusional white girl whose tangled web of lies included an impressive, unearned portrayal of a black woman. Indeed, there are few medical, scientific experts who study and treat these exceptional people who are at odds with the gender of their bodies. And unless you are a member of a thriving gay community, or live in New York or LA, or are Anne, you probably don’t have a single transgendered friend in your social media feeds. But armed with only un-peer-reviewed studies, a Wikipedia base of knowledge, and with no first hand experience, I think the only dissenting opinion anyone should launch onto social media regarding Caitlyn is this:

“I don’t get it.”

Of course, mainstream media wants you on board. The liberal masses don’t want your bystander nonchalance; they want full-throttle endorsement! And I suppose those who “will still call him Bruce” cannot stomach the cheers and accolades and awards for this flagrant display against God’s creation or nature or decency. The world has gone loony tunes! It’s OK. Take a beat. Remember our own parents’ opinions about homosexuals in a pre Will and Grace world? Well, regarding the transgendered, we’re still a few must-see-TV moments away. And no one will fault you for not understanding this brave new future of women-becoming-men and vice versa. But fabricating arguments in denial of something scary and true for thousands is unkind. Tying those opinions to religion makes Jesus facepalm.

Because I spent a regrettable amount of time murdering rats with a guillotine in order to study their still fresh brains, I have a small and gruesome credibility to dissuade you from comparing Caitlyn Jenner to Rachel Dolezal. Though it pains my heart to read these articles, my arguments derive quite literally from the noggin. Some of you might be able to dredge up this long forgotten fact about human development: we’re all designed to be girls. The human default setting is Lady. If people had a browser that popped up automatically, it would be called Chyx. Without the effects of boy hormones (androgens) on our brains and bodies at key moments, we’re all going to need training bras and develop a complicated relationship with our bangs.

Testicular feminization syndrome is a remarkable example of the strength of our ontologic destiny– where chromosomally male fetuses whose receptors cannot respond to dude hormones can develop into completely physical girls. Luckily for some of them, their teeny growing brains are bathing in the same girly milieu, and so develop into women, too. They are able to lead less complicated lives as their brains and bodies respond to hormones in harmony. But for others, this:

Another case is instructive. An [XY] individual who is now living as a woman had been assigned as a girl at birth but was switched by a physician to live as a boy at the age of 3 months when testes were discovered. At the age of 13, her physician recommended that “he” have a mastectomy for his breast development. The surgery was performed and this individual continued to live as a boy although she had felt from early childhood that she would be more comfortable living as a girl. At the age of 22, she felt that she could not continue to live as a man and switched to living as a woman when she learned that she could obtain breast implants to regain what had been removed.1

For the transgendered, this sort of mismatch happens. Somehow the endocrine soup around the brain doesn’t gel with how the body is shaping up. It’s not a choice or a delusion; it’s biology. It’s also devastating, confusing, scary, and rare. For those who want more scientific proof than my watered-down biology lecture, I can point you to any number of rat labs with guillotines. There are also peer-reviewed research studies revealing structural differences in the transgendered human brain.

But despite more credible, kinder arguments, some of you will “still call him Bruce.” Otherwise thoughtful, smart people will keep citing the one doctor who doesn’t approve of gender reassignment surgery, or will make false comparisons to body dysmorphic syndrome, or worse, liken Caitlyn to a white girl using an enviable twist-out to be something she can never be. Caitlyn is a woman because her brain was always female. Rachel was never black because, well… she was never black.

I have another, more personal reaction to those who champion a fierce attachment to The Body the Lord Gave Us. Mine is no longer whole, but I am no less womanly for having amputated my breasts. Also, I’m alive. Like Caitlyn, I removed the parts that were endangering me, forcing me to be something I didn’t choose at all: a person with cancer. When your queasy disapproval of corrective surgery fetishizes a holy beauty of our native bodies, elevating the importance of our God-given bits and pieces over everything, how do you suppose your breast-cancered sisters feel? Well, this one stands with Caitlyn.

I get it.

Hello, Caitlyn

Hello, Caitlyn

1. Gottlieb B, Pinsky L, Beitel LK, Trifiro M. Androgen insensitivity. Am J Med Genet 1999; 89(4):210-7

13 responses

  1. Well said oh right wing, white, well-to-do, Christian – I am impressed. Seriously. How will this play in your peer group? You could get some flak for this.

    • I sort of love that you think I’m right wing! I am a Christian first, a scientist too, and attempt to approach everything else with love. Not sure what this makes me. No flak yet.

      • Although I too identify as a Christian, it is my experience that the vast majority of those who self-identify likewise, frown on sex changes or gay marriages or transgenders. That is my experience. My undergrad degree is in chemistry so I suppose you could say that I have introductory training as a scientist but don’t make a living as such. My Mum is lesbian and I know how difficult it is for LGBT persons to find a church that does not condemn. In fact there are very few Christian organizations that will accept LGBT souls as God’s children, regardless of the argument. When you identify as a Christian who accepts LGBT, albeit on scientific grounds, you are in the minority – at least in my experience. To me science points clearly to the existence of God. I actually published a post on it recently https://julienoblog.wordpress.com/2015/06/04/love-and-gravity-an-essay-by-paul-curran/ To me it is the choice of the individual to pursue whatever gender or relationship they choose (between consenting adults). That is not a generally accepted belief among the Christians I know.

        Best of luck Britt – and Thanks for the post I enjoyed it.

        • The Christians I share pew time with are welcoming of all. Our choirmaster and many couples in the congregation are gay. I couldn’t expose my children to anything that frowns on people for any reason; I will not ask them to follow a religion that would expect others to deny who they are, either. Maybe it’s because we live in the most progressive state in the union, but I cannot fathom a Church that would “condemn” anyone.

          And yet… this post was inspired by frequent sharing of an article that made the erroneous argument that if Bruce can be Caitlyn, then Rachel can be black. Those that agreed with that argument seemed to feel persecuted themselves for “not agreeing” with supporting our transgendered friends. I was sent a video of a popular Catholic priest that argued that we are charged to walk with them in love, and yet made no mistake calling transgenderism a delusion. I thought I could provide a little science to the argument for those who “don’t agree” with the hope that future opinions would be expressed as “I don’t understand.”

          Thanks for adding to the discussion. I hope the world delivers more accepting Christians into your sphere!

          • Indeed you do live in a progressive environment Britt. I do hope the Christians here become more open hearted. I agree with you about the race change as well. To me anyone who feels obliged to change race is saying clearly that one race is preferable and hence is racist. I don’t agree with racism in any form.

            Thanks for your discussion Britt.

  2. Incredibly well written Britt. As usual, you can articulate (beautifully) all that I would love to say but have neither the talent, guts or venue to do so.

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