About Steve

Steve Safran is a long, long, longtime writer and journalist who pimps out his quirky talents to whomever will pay… or in the case of this blog, buy him the occasional drink. In his varied and ADD-addled career, he has been:

– A TV news producer

– On-air morning news guy

– Web producer

– National & International speaker on journalism (Canada’s another country, right?)

– Journalism consultant

– Company founder

– Company fail-er

– Guest lecturer

– Reality show producer

At the apex of his career, he appeared in the 2006 Boston Ballet’s performance of “The Nutcracker.” (True. Go ahead and watch. We’ll wait.)

Steve’s a father of three and lives in suburban Boston at a mall. (Again, true.) Like Britt, he’s a Trinity College graduate and he probably majored in something. Hard to say. There was no core curriculum at the time. He has a Masters in journalism from Boston University which may be repossessed when they learn he’s employed by reality TV.

While not entirely sure why he’s a contributor to East Meets Breast, Steve writes about his life as a single dad who has depression (What Britt calls his “Big Boo Hoo Disease”), epilepsy, and a fancy oven he has no idea how to use. He is fond of writing about himself in third person and is doing so presently.

Steve earned his Red Cross Adult Life Saving certificate in 1983. Ever since then, he has insisted being portrayed as being a lifeguard.

Steve earned his Red Cross Adult Life Saving certificate in 1983. Ever since then, he has insisted being portrayed as being a lifeguard.

In May of 2015, Steve was diagnosed with Stage 2 testicular cancer. His writing has recently turned from the always entertaining musings from Snarky Supportive Stevie into Commiserating Cancer Comrade. His rabbi, Britt, her band of prayer-circling Episcopalians, and many readers send him cosmic beams of healing juju while he will continue to make us giggle… and understand his cancer a bit better.

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