A Quintet of Questions with The Hook

I’ve been Hooked! It’s a delicious compliment… especially when one is called “achingly beautiful.” I’ll be sashaying all over town today. I cannot imagine that you don’t know The Hook… but in addition to these fun 5 x 5’s, he tells stories about Life in the Lobby that will have you slack jawed and giggling.

Here is the fruit of my virtual sit down with this darling (and naughty) man. See you over in his lobby


5 responses

    • Are you kidding? Thank YOU. Can’t really top a morning where strangers say lovely things about you and visit your blog and then turn out to be fun, new writing friends.

      And, like, I’m the first girl who’s ever called you “naughty?”

  1. Love, love and love. Both Britt and the 5×5. There is nothing better than being called “achingly beautiful” and you deserve that compliment up and down, backwards and forwards, all day and all night.

Mixed company conversation...

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