Snow Day

I can almost feel the children becoming stupider. Shouldn’t we be taking advantage of this time to teach them about electron orbitals and demanding they complete abandoned Lego projects? Grateful for electricity, shouldn’t I be stirring risotto or organizing the messy stack of papers that ought to be at the accountant already? Nope. We’re not even shoveling our own driveway. I’m pouring another glass of wine and re-reading Game of Thrones. The boys are glued to Pixar films when they’re not Minecrafting, or eating Blizzard-sanctioned junk because snowstorm panic makes even the Whole Foodiest moms buy Pringles and Lucky Charms. (I know I’m not alone here, because I got the last box of “whole grain” leprechaun cereal.) All three boys suited up early this morning to stomp around in our 20 plus inches and dive into four footer drifts, but even that became too taxing for the Lazy Lees. We’re pathetic. If we had snowshoes, we’d probably use them as snack trays.

Even that one paragraph took forever to write (and required a refill… Grgich Hills… cheers… clink). After only 24 hours of law-enforced house arrest, the Lees have slid even deeper into sloth. Honestly, we’re not that far from that vice on the sunniest of days. Darling friend April calls it The Lee Family Inertia Problem. Of course, the Family Anderson likely spent the day getting all sorts of fresh air, helping their adorable children shovel pathways for elders, and braving the roads as soon as the governor lifted the ban. Not us. We’re even happy there’s no mail to fetch… the porch is all snowy… one might get a chill.

Today, we did the bare minimum as snow-trapped Bostonians. We took pictures like this:

Snow obscured patio furniture...

Snow obscured patio furniture…

And this…

Obligatory snow-up-to-the-deck railing pic

Obligatory snow-up-to-here pic

Honestly, I love every Holy Crap! Look at the Snow! pictures. I’ve been on Facebook all day to see how deep it got on your deck. Sadly, The Lees fall short in New England Blizzard documentation by failing to provide an adorable-dog-overwhelmed-by-weather picture. But I love yours. If we had a small dog, I’d totally throw it off the porch. With snow this deep, they land like cats. And it’s wicked cute.

Another refill for Mom, and little boys are cuddling with Bernie, watching absolutely dreadful TV. Not a single one of them could summon more than a handful of prime numbers right now. But, what’s this… the Peanuts Valentine’s special? Little Teddy is on his knees begging for another hour of television. “Please, Mommy, if you let me stay up… I’ll give you… extra snuggles!” And if you’ve met this kid, you know no one is strong enough to resist Teddy snuggles. I caved. Blizzard of ’13 has our brains and waistlines softening, but we’re grateful for an excuse (even a government decree!) to hold down the couch and share a family giggle over the hilarity of Snoopy and the romantic notion of a little red headed girl. And it’s cuter than a puppy in a snowdrift.

Teddy in snow... nearly as cute as a something-doodle in a drift.

Teddy in snow… nearly as cute as a something-doodle requiring rescue.

6 responses

  1. You can “feel them getting stupider”. Classic, and I love it. We here in South Carolina got snow tonight, like a whole quarter of an inch. All business will be closed and all church services will be cancelled tomorrow, as there were 59 accidents in the tri county area in less than two hours. Seriously, I have the weblink to prove it. I don’t know what we would do if we got snow like this. 🙂

  2. My TV crazed daughter got up and began shoveling like mad WITHOUT asking when she found out that mom could come home from Emergency Tier One Hospital duty IF and only IF I could get into our street and driveway. After an hour and a half, she (and my husband that she bullied) had enough shoveled to let me come home. That is true love!

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