Girlfriend, MD… or better reasons you want to date a doc

Recently, the most lukewarm endorsement of female physician data-ability went bloggy viral. I have more than eight reasons why this post is disappointing, and only one is that the author referred to herself and her smart, sassy co-workers as “us female physicians…” who pretend to be dental hygienists or flight attendants to seem more fuckable less intimidating. There are at least eight violations of grammar and style in this ineffectual call for suitors which paints my working sisters-in-scrubs as life-saving multi-taskers with “good personalities.” Blech.

What does a man like more than eight reasons he should date you? Everything. He likes everything more. Admit you’re a surgeon, and buy him a beer. Go on with your Dansko-clogged, low-maintenance bad self and express that financial viability! If a man isn’t dating you because you are a surgeon, that’s not the reason he’s not dating you. It’s more likely the clogs… or your inability to use pronouns correctly.

Smart girls don’t fudge being smart (or make boring lists). The badass, wonderful women physicians in my world could give you a better peek at the perks associated with their company. Just a few listed here… because boys (or girls) you want to date don’t need a long list detailing your awesomeness.

She’s a Portable Emergency Department

Odds are, she has an arsenal of stitch-you-up or glue-that-back tools at her disposal. She has sutures and fine forceps and bandages of every single size. She’s toting Tegaderm in her Tory Burch. When the kids (dads) attempt to pop helium balloons stuck above the foyer using a sharp pencil and the stomp rocket… well, she’s got the instruments to handle the fallout of that sort of genius. She’ll know if Uncle Jason’s chest pain is pepperoni-induced or 911-worthy. She can administer flu shots and read your TB test. She knows if that needs ice or heat or stitches or antibiotics. She’ll save you untold hours wasted in waiting rooms with bleeding strangers, blaring soap operas, and MRSA.

She’s Cool

If your gal has worked the emergency room, she is unfazed by anything oozing from an orifice. She has more than one unlikely-object-stuck-up-a-butt story. She’s heard the basest, unkindest, most unimaginative forms of chauvinism and knows which response will work best (ignore, chastise, mock, or flirt). She’s seen every movie you have because she’s been dating Star Wars-obsessed nerds like you since Organic Chemistry. She honestly doesn’t know anything about Kardashians. And she spends many, many hours with man-crush-worthy big, swinging dick surgeons who think she’s great.

She’s Busy

Your physician girlfriend won’t be texting you at all hours. She’ll totally forget it’s Valentine’s Day. She’s unlikely to insist on cutesy month anniversaries, or apple-picking afternoons, or meeting your family. She’s too exhausted and busy and pre-occupied with life-saving tasks to engage in typical dating misadventures that plague girls with more free time. She doesn’t give a fig if she’s your official, Facebook girlfriend… and wonders who has time for that crap… and can’t remember her password, anyway. She also brings her Type A game to working out, and when she’s not on call, she’s not wondering when you will. She’s running her marathon-training ass all over town.

Don’t you want to date her now? These qualities flourish in the women physicians I know. They’re smart and lovely and busy and cool and competent and so much more than their jobs. I was irritated by their portrayal in a tepid list of eight endorsements that could easily apply to your dad (if your dad knew CPR). Where is the justified bravado of the female physician? She’s earned it, and with enough sleep, she’s too clever to trick you into thinking she’s not. She also recognizes the skill and power and fabulousness of her sisters, especially the dental hygienists and flight attendants who are clearly getting more action than she is.

Now run along and find yourself a Girlfriend, MD. Or tell me I’ve got it all wrong because the female physician you knew quit work right after she had kids and now buys really expensive shoes and makes fun of women doctors who wear pantsuits.

Oh… wait.

She's totally hot underneath that sexy mask.

She’s totally hot underneath that sexy mask.

10 responses

  1. My sister is a paediatric registrar. Oh the stories she’s told! She has saved the lives of children and babies all over the place. She’s a hero! I, on the other hand, have a list, which I often add to after conversations with her, entitled ‘Reasons Why I Will Never Be a Doctor’. It is added to every time I hear or see something bloody or oozy or wince-able. I am at number 407. The latest was when my daughter got glass in her foot and the nurse had to pluck it out with tweezers while my little one howled.

    (I don’t really have a list o_O )

    • She is a hero! The post I read annoyed and saddened me because these awesome women are disguising their heroism and can only come up with a bunch of bland reasons you should consider buying them a Chardonnay. Life’s too short for bland-ness.

    • Thanks, Hook! I always worry about the sort-of-angry rant posts which depart from my usual isn’t-everything-just-dreamy? demeanor.

      I’m certain Mrs. Hook could list eight racy reasons to date the boy on the lobby.

      Loved the Jennie post… what a doll!

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  3. This delves into issues that are not politically correct in this day and age, ones which I intend to tackle in a sequel to a soon-to-be-released book.

    I reject the feminist notion that gender is a social construct. I think there are deeper issues with the male psyche when it comes to relationships with professionally-successful women, and perhaps the female psyche, too.

    It may be more than men just being insecure or intimidated by intelligent women (whom I adore). I suggest that it is more an existential problem that stems from a natural gender asymmetry.

    • I think we might have similar opinions about this stuff… I’m just less intelligent and much more joke-y about it. I wrote a just-get-over-yourself piece about Feminism to poke fun at the drivel otherwise smart women use to hijack a more pure notion of equality.

      Have you read Jimmy Carter’s new book? I like it very much. Our world will not be a truly wonderful place until our women are safe in it… and he goes about how to bring thoughtful (not angry) attention to that.

    • You are a doll to type that. I was appalled that the original went viral. Women in medicine are largely badass and aren’t afraid to let you know that (with the correct pronouns)!

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